JHpic2013Jordan Hendler

Jordan Hendler began a career in the collision industry in 1998 as an administrative assistant for Concepts, Inc., which was the administrator for a national collision tradeshow, Collision Concepts. Shortly thereafter, Concepts, Inc. became the administrative support for the national collision association Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS). Also working with the National Auto Body Council and Collision Industry Conference (CIC), Jordan has gained insight into collision repair markets and trends across the United States.

Currently, Ms. Hendler serves as the executive director for the Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association (WMABA). WMABA has a forty year history of tackling collision repairer issues both locally and at the national level, as well as publishing the Hammer & Dolly magazine. Jordan participates in national industry forums such as SCRS and CIC, in addition to local government and legislative meetings to affect positive change for collision repairers.

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