Current Legislation

VA-TaxCode58.1-602 amended-Sales and Use Tax; Automobile Refinishing

Current Regulations

38.2-510 Unfair Claim Settlement Practices

38.2-517-Unfair Claim Settlement Practices

38.2-517-Unfair Claim Settlement Practices – Penalties

Title 46.2 – MOTOR VEHICLES; Chapter 16 – Salvage, Nonrepairable, and Rebuilt Vehicles

14VAC5-400-80. Standards for prompt, fair and equitable settlements applicable to automobile insurance

Title 59.1 – TRADE AND COMMERCE; Chapter 17.1 – Automobile Repair Facilities Act

General Information

Virginia-Insurance Complaint Form

Paint Capping – Insurance Commissioner Response Letter



Pending Legislation

SB 487 / HB 574 – Prohibits the use of Aftermarket Parts for the first three years of the vehicle; prohibits insurer mandate of a particular process or vendor for the procurement of parts or materials in the repair of the vehicle.

Watch the House Economic Matters committee hearing video from Feb. 21 (Starts at 1:20)

Listen to the Senate Finance committee hearing audio from Feb 18 – Go to Senate Finance audio files, click Feb. 18 (Starts around 2:34)

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House Economic Matters Committee and Senate Finance Committee

Current Regulations

HB 1199 – Salvage Requirements

MVA Regulation for Cosmetic Damage – Salvage Exclusions

MD 11-152 – Salvage Language

MD 13-506 Salvage Language Add’l

MD 27-303 Unfair Claim Settlement Practices

MD 27-405 Unlicensed Insurance Producers or Adjusters

MD Code for Automotive Repair

Sales and Use Tax for Repair Labor

General Information

Maryland-Insurance Complaint

Paint Capping – Insurance Commissioner Response Letter


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