The Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association is a regional collision industry association, currently covering the areas of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. We are recognized both regionally and nationally as the key forum for the exchange of ideas concerning the DC, Maryland, and Virginia collision industry.

WMABA Membership: Get Your Quarter Back

Get Your Team Jersey

Supporting WMABA is an investment in the future of your business, and your industry. By becoming a member, you are represented in all the places the Board or Executive Director go. Whether at a tradeshow like SEMA, assisting with the SCRS OEM Technology Summit regarding certified repairs, or locally at the state capital meeting legislators or testifying at a hearing, the your interests and of all repairers are at the forefront. Though repairers often feel competitive, the association is a place for camaraderie and community. Here, we’re all on the same team.

Get Learned

WMABA offers issue-specific topic driven education throughout the year. Participation in special events, such as the December 10th limited seating Audi Training Center-hosted seminar and tour offer your business the best in opportunities to advance your understanding of changes within our industry.

The Playbook

The association is your resource for all things. Whether you have a question about current labor rate data, operations, customer interaction, insurer relationships, vendor products or national news; your association is the place to ask first. Through our relationships nationally, we can even take issues to the forefront of places such as the Society of Collision Repair Specialists, Collision Industry Conference, or national contacts for insurers and vendors.

Locally, we research the governmental regulations and oversight to make sure the repair industry is protected from any negative legislation. Represented in both Virginia and Maryland, WMABA proposes and opposes recommended bills that come into the legislature during open session. Also, we work with consumer-related entities, government agencies and other related industry organizations to ensure that the voice of the repairer and their customer are heard.

Many repairers take advantage of the knowledge and community the association has for navigating situations that arise. A simple phone call or email can circumvent many issues for our members.

Call the Game

As a member, you decide your personal level of participation. Do you have interest in committees to address particular issues you feel passionately about? Would you want to be a Board member and assist in guiding the direction of the association? How about sitting on the sidelines so you can focus on your own business? All answers can be correct! While WMABA would like to encourage your spirit of volunteerism, it is solely up to you at what level you get involved.

The minimum is getting your membership. 2015 can be your commitment to the betterment of your business, and your industry. Sign up today!

BENEFITS – Members utilize program benefits through our affiliate membership with SCRS, or other area vendors who are members of WMABA.

EDUCATION – Through the Jerry Dalton Memorial Education Fund and numerous meetings and workshops, WMABA is dedicated to continually educating our members and their future workforce.

LEGISLATION – The WMABA and its members are very active in the legislative process. Our members have spoken in Annapolis, MD; Richmond, VA; and Washington DC.

WMABA sets a high standard for our shops, by adopting our Standards of Membership you give yourself an edge over the competition and help the industry you work in everyday. A customized handsome plaque will be made specially for all new members, and will have a magnetic decal for each year of membership.

Membership Dues are $195 per Quarter or $700 Annually (Pro-Rated for New Members; Renewal on January 1st).

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