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WMABA is an association formed to serve the best interests of collision repairers through leadership, education and initiatives that strengthen the professionalism and business conditions for the professional collision repairer.

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October 7 - 1pm “Watercooler Chats” for Members

This is the third Watercooler Chat session for WMABA Members. Topics are free for all to bring up, but we will start out with how things are going, especially with COVID. One item that has been making its way to our office, is dealing with virtual estimating. For many, that is going poorly…

September 30 – 1pm Collision PREP - Session 3 with Mike Anderson and Danny Gredinburg

Utilizing the Vehicle Owner’s Manual to Educate Consumers and Insurers [Mike Anderson, Collision Advice; Danny Gredinberg, DEG]

Have you ever thought about reviewing the vehicle owner’s manual before writing an estimate or before processing the vehicle in your repair facility? In this course, Collision Advice shares with you some of the golden nuggets found within the owner’s manuals. Educate the vehicle owner as to why their vehicle may not be drivable or may need seat-belt inspection, OEM repair procedures, and more!

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