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WMABA is an association formed to serve the best interests of collision repairers through leadership, education and initiatives that strengthen the professionalism and business conditions for the professional collision repairer.

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June 2 – 1p EST
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June 9, 2021 – 1p EST
Differentiating Labor Rates Based on Certification, Skillset, Tooling and Training [Mark Olson]

Mechanical, structural, aluminum or certified repairs are all different categories of Labor Rates. Understanding what goes into establishing a rate and billing based on technicians and type of repair performed are all important distinctions for proper repair documentation. Get insight and deeper knowledge into the variable rates in today’s collision repairs.

May 20 - 6:30p "Virtual Barriers" Panel Discussion, Annual Meeting

WMABA’s 2021 Annual Member meeting will be held May 20, 6:30p at Topgolf in Ashburn, VA

Come to engage in a lively panel discussion of leading area shops, who will address hurdles in insurance relationships, virtual adjusting, and other complications brought about during the pandemic.

The meeting will also include the election of our Board of Directors to new terms.

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