With our golf outing coming up only a week away at the time of this writing, it always gives me pause at how grateful WMABA is to our sponsors who not only support our association, show up for the fun, but also show up – sleeves rolled up – for a lot of other good works here and abroad. I see them doing great things everywhere I go!

Spending time in Pittsburgh at CIC / SCRS “Industry Week” recently, I run into plenty of our supporters and their national constituents, who are working to help along the progress of betterment for the entire industry. Many serve in volunteer roles on committees, boards, and the like to help with the creation and expansion of initiatives we all want to see happen. At CIC, there are between 300-400 people in the room and only 25-30% are repairers. The rest make up the ancillary “spokes” of related industry segments. Those other folks care about the success of repairers, because it means their success as well.

Walk with me here, and you’d see the faces of many who advocate for support of WMABA. The dollars they “sponsor” for us mean that we can work on industry issues, attend meetings on behalf of repairers, address legislative initiatives (both good and bad), and bring relevant education and meetings to our area. These vendors, that often get put aside for self-interest, are actually crucial to our well-being and successes. They are vital to the organization.

Another unnoticed and sometimes thankless job is our Board of Directors. They work on the association direction, help with individual member issues, volunteer at our events, and try to get our area more connected. They are also doing their own job at the same time! It’s a great thing that we have so many committed (not to the insane asylum!) people who are willing to give so much of themselves.

Please offer them your thanks by choosing them when it arises, and by telling them directly that they are making a difference. It helps them to know that the work they do does not go unnoticed. It certainly is noticed by us!

Here’s my metaphorical pat on the back to all those who “serve” WMABA!