March 13, 2013; Richmond, Virginia – Attention has recently been focused on the 2013 Maryland House Bill 1375, introduced by Delegate Mark N. Fisher (R-27B) which would inhibit insurers from specifying the use of aftermarket parts for the first five (5) years of the vehicle, and would prevent carriers from requiring the use of any specific process or vendor for the procurement of parts or materials. The Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association (WMABA) assisted Fisher in crafting the language that was used to introduce the bill, and strongly support the efforts to see it passed into law.

“When Delegate Fisher began working with us through his constituents, he indicated a need for consumer protection legislation relating to the use of aftermarket parts,” says Jordan Hendler, Executive Director of WMABA. “We aided his efforts to introduce this bill in this session by providing guidance and information on the subject matter, outlining the issues currently faced by our membership. We support the Delegate’s pro-consumer viewpoints, and agree that the language will offer added protection for our member’s customers in the state of Maryland. Additionally, we firmly believe that it is outside of the business of insurance to specify any process or vendor in the repair process, and this legislation will provide much-needed protection in this area, given growing advancements of insurers mandating parts procurement practices.

Insurers in other areas of the country are increasing their involvement in the repair process by mandating processes in which parts are located and purchased, which will eventually reduce the existing free marketplace. Our organization strongly agrees with the bill sponsors that Maryland representatives ensure the health of a marketplace free of undue manipulation that only serves special interests; and that it is imperative to protect Maryland consumers from allowing the insurance industry from taking such controlling measures, which only benefit their bottom line.

If you would like to support the association in their efforts and find out how to help, please call or email the office today. Maryland repairers are urged to contact their legislators in support of this legislation. Financial contributions are also greatly appreciated.

About WMABA: The WMABA is a regional collision industry association, currently covering the areas of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC whose mission is to serve the best interests of collision repairers through leadership, education and initiatives that strengthen the professionalism and business conditions for the professional collision repairer. If you would like to find out more information about WMABA and its activities, you can contact Executive Director Jordan Hendler (Phone: 804-789-9649 or Email: or visit its website at:


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