Read the below special industry notice from the Indiana Auto Body Association and support the petition. WMABA urges you to support what many other industry groups, associations and businesses have vocally opposed! 

To make change happen requires action, but it often begins by smallest of actions.
History has shown that changes begin, not by the war to end all wars, but by the individual battles that define the injustice, and dedication to the need for that change by those willing to accept the challenge.

Today the Industry is faced with one of its greatest challenges that many feel is so important that it will require all the efforts of our Trade Associations and their members, as well as everyone else within our Industry.

The Industry news is filled with State Farm’s Part Trader commentaries, but even though in itself is a fundamental infringement upon our industry, the issue is also greater than just this one program.

This issue is about programs that insurers are now mandating that change our well establish business relationships, place the vehicle owners in jeopardy, and interfere with the free market system.

It is also about the aggressive pressure property casualty companies are placing on repairers for their monetary gain, placing the vehicle owners in risk, and tortiously interfering with collision repairers’ businesses.

Take the time to sign our petition to the State and Federal Attorney Generals, Legislators, and the Federal Trade Commission. We will utilize this show of support to do whatever it takes to take back control of our Industry.

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