WMABA Testifies in Maryland Parts Bill Hearing

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WMABA Testifies in Maryland Parts Bill Hearing

Yesterday WMABA testified on behalf of HB 1258.The bill is written to prohibit the use of aftermarket parts for the first two years of a vehicle’s life, as well as define certified aftermarket parts was heard in the House Economic Matters Committee.

Executive Director Jordan Hendler and President Mark Schaech were present and  testified. You can see the full coverage at the link below as well as the article from Repairer Driven news.

LKQ blasts Md. bill, says shops owe existence to company’s parts preventing total losses
Implying that shops effectively owe their existence to LKQ, a lobbyist for the aftermarket giant Thursday lashed out at a Maryland bill curtailing the use of uncertified generic collision parts.
LKQ government affairs representative Ray Colas said that without his company providing cheaper versions of OEM parts, damaged cars would be totaled and auto body shops would begin to dry up. (The hearing can be viewed here, with the parts bill debate starting at about the 2:15:00 mark. Colas speaks at about 2:48:26.)
“They’re in business today because we enable them to be able to repair their vehicle,” Colas said. “… In terms of total loss calculation, we keep vehicles on the road. We allow them to repair vehicles, because we keep it below that threshold.”
House Bill 1258 sponsor and former body shop owner Richard Impallaria, R-Baltimore and Hartford counties, challenged Colas on that statement.
“That was some very, very strong language: that body shops get to exist because you are there,” Impallaria said.
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  1. John March 15, 2016 at 7:04 am

    Wow, Keystone/LKQ are so arrogant to think they’re saving our Industry. If all the shops would do the right things when the parts don’t fit maybe they would get the message. Their parts make the shops so inefficient and cost the shops so much money they a lone will take are industry down. When trying to use their parts they’re the reason for increased cycle time and for bad CSI for shops, then they only want to pay you cost to fix the problem they created. That’s why at my shops we educate the customer about Aftermarket Parts and LKQ Parts and why they cause delays. They’re designed to save the Insurance Company money at the shops expense and that is why we have stop using them and were happy we did. It’s bad enough to have these Insurance Companies tell us how to run are business now we have a vendor trying to do the same. Hopefully other states will do the right thing and follow.

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