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URG Opposes Usage of PartsTrader

The below press release came from URG opposing the usage of PartsTrader in its current form. We encourage you to send this on to your parts vendors for their information and consideration.

United Recyclers Group Opposes Repairer Mandates by Insurers

Contact: Don Porter
Phone: 512-887-3422
Fax: 512-887-3423

October 10th, 2013 – Austin, Texas – The United Recyclers Group (URG) Board of Managers are announcing their decision not to endorse the use of the online parts procurement tool developed by Parts Trader. This comes in response to the recent announcement by State Farm Insurance mandating the nationwide use of this tool by their program repair facilities.. “Mandatory usage of PartsTrader in its current form does not serve the needs of the auto recycling industry, the collision industry, or vehicle owners,” says Don Porter, URG Executive Director.

“We are committed to working with State Farm, the nation’s largest auto insurer, to resolve the concerns of URG members,” says Don Porter. “Our members question the value of paying a parts procurement business like PartsTrader with the hope of their parts being included and selected when recycler’s parts data is provided to insurers and collision repair facilities. This model increases the cost of repair parts provided by recyclers, and this cost will ultimately be passed on to consumers.”

Repairers and recyclers have developed long standing business relationships based on mutual respect, integrity and the quality of parts and services provided. URG opposes the mandatory use of any procurement tool which may weaken or potentially sever this relationship. The cost of parts and quality of service go hand in hand when a collision repair facility selects recycled parts. Mandates take away the freedom a collision repairer currently enjoys when selecting an auto recycler as a business partner. URG members feel that part selection and acquisition should not be based merely on the cost of the part, but also on the quality of the part and business acumen of the recycler who will ultimately supply the part.

URG believes online technology solutions help drive efficiency in the parts procurement process and create value. URG’s creation of URGNet, an interactive recycled parts database, is a product of that belief. Parts data from more than 500 URG auto recycler members provides users of different online parts programs with direct and immediate access to comprehensive recycled parts inventory, availability and pricing. Keeping recycled parts available, affordable and competitive in today’s business environment were major considerations in URG’s decision not to endorse Parts Trader.

With over 500 members, United Recyclers Group, LLC (URG) is the largest group of progressive auto recyclers in North America. URG members work together in many innovative ways to improve and modernize the automotive recycling industry.

For more information, go to the United Recyclers Group website at Or call 303-367-4391.


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Petition by IABA No Insurer Mandated Programs


Read the below special industry notice from the Indiana Auto Body Association and support the petition. WMABA urges you to support what many other industry groups, associations and businesses have vocally opposed! 

To make change happen requires action, but it often begins by smallest of actions.
History has shown that changes begin, not by the war to end all wars, but by the individual battles that define the injustice, and dedication to the need for that change by those willing to accept the challenge.

Today the Industry is faced with one of its greatest challenges that many feel is so important that it will require all the efforts of our Trade Associations and their members, as well as everyone else within our Industry.

The Industry news is filled with State Farm’s Part Trader commentaries, but even though in itself is a fundamental infringement upon our industry, the issue is also greater than just this one program.

This issue is about programs that insurers are now mandating that change our well establish business relationships, place the vehicle owners in jeopardy, and interfere with the free market system.

It is also about the aggressive pressure property casualty companies are placing on repairers for their monetary gain, placing the vehicle owners in risk, and tortiously interfering with collision repairers’ businesses.

Take the time to sign our petition to the State and Federal Attorney Generals, Legislators, and the Federal Trade Commission. We will utilize this show of support to do whatever it takes to take back control of our Industry.

Just Click the Extortion Poster Below to go to our petition.
In case the link above does not work: 

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I’d Do It My (Mike’s) Way

Mike Anderson (of Collision Advice) is exciting. And the Doctor says it’s highly contagious.

Whether you take it as passionate, moving, electrifying, or emotional, it doesn’t really matter. Any way you slice it, Mike is “excited” about teaching others and helping them to succeed. And he’s really great at it. If you knew him from the days he owned Wagonwork Collision you probably see him as a peer. Now, you’d see him as much more than that. No matter how great of a shop owner he was, he’s an even better teacher.

Spending a day with him is fun. He jokes a lot (mostly about himself) and sometimes screams out “I love this stuff!” I mean, he literally screams it out and usually when the audience is distracted and they all jump out of their seat; myself included. He makes the topics he discusses – usually very serious – more light and enlightening. In my opinion, it makes it easier to digest and retain it, as well as envision practical application. It’s very empowering.

It isn’t always an easy subject matter. As a former shop owner of a completely non-DRP business structure, he talked about his mental transition through his consulting experience into more of a “fix-it-right” mentality. Whether shops are independent or DRP-dependent didn’t matter to him as much as quality of repair. And on that point, I couldn’t agree with him more. In my years with WMABA, I’d come to that realization through working with many different types of shops. I also don’t care what your business model is; just that it includes doing a safe repair for the consumer.

Digging further down into the meat of the meeting, he went into supplement ratios and complete teardowns and how they can affect the cycle time and profit of your business. Joel covered them earlier in the cover story, so I think you’ve got that part down.

What I want you to grab a hold of from Mike’s seminar are ways of improving customer relations. Such as that 68% of people prefer text updates to phone or email. Do you think it would be wise to look into that? He also cited a survey that says consumers put trust, empathy and direction above price, which was down in 6th place! So, do you think that setting clear expectations on the front end of the repair process to establish trust, and taking the time to listen to the customer about how the accident took place would gain empathy? Wouldn’t that make you 1st and 2nd in their book, even over the insurance company?

Another way to improve customer relations and establish a long-lasting relationship is through communication. Sounds a lot like a family, right? If Mike’s right, your customer could forget about you completely in 18 months, so you need to get in front of them on a regular basis. Do you have a Facebook page with regular updates? Do you ask them to give you an email address to send them a newsletter? Have you […]

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